Select Page This guide will help you on how to redeem and install Office 2013 (Home and Student, Home and Business and Professional) or Office 365 Home Premium.

Step 1: The office package ONLY comes with a “redemption product key” (no DVD). This product key is ONLY used to redeem the product online.

Step 2: After you have scratched off the Product Key in your package, go to this site to redeem the product: Note: Make sure that there are no open accounts/emails in your computer.This will automatically associate to the product. Make sure that at the Upper right corner of the page (See image below) should show “Sign In”. If you see a username that is not yours, Sign Out first.

Step 3: After entering the product key, Click “Get Started”. You will be asked to sign up or sign in with a Microsoft account. Note: A Microsoft Account refers to Windows Live, MSN, Outlook, Xbox Live, One Drive or Hotmail accounts. If you already have a Microsoft Account, Sign In using that account at the right. If you don’t have a Microsoft Account,Click Sign Up.

Step 4: After the Microsoft account process, It would ask for the language and location. After choosing click next or get started.

Step 5: You will be routed to your “My Account” page. You will see your Office product and the Install button as well.

Step 6: Before starting the installation, you need to take note of your product key first because you will need it during the activation of your office.

Step 7: For Office 2013 products, go to “Install from a disk” under Account options. Click “I have a disk” and your Installation/Activation product key will be located at the right side of the page.

Step 8: For Office 365 Home Premium, it does NOT have an Installation/Activation product key. All you need is the email address associated with your office to activate your product.

Step 9: You can now start the installation by clicking on install on “My Account” page.

Step 10: After you click on “Install” it will provide you an option to “Run” or “Save”. If you click on “Run”, it will download and start the installation after the download would finish. If you click on “Save”, it will download and save the installer on your computer. After the download will be finished you need to click on the installer to start the installation. The download + Installation will depend on how fast your internet connection and computer is, usually it would take around 40 mins – 1 Hour so be patient. During the installation process, Microsoft would provide videos about office and One Drive so if you don’t want to view those just click cancel.

Step 11: After the installation would finish, you will see the Microsoft Office icons already installed on your computer. Enjoy!

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