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Download and Install Office Software
on Windows, Mac, Phones, and Tablets.

We are Not Microsoft, We only Train on how to Install, Activate Office Setup and use Microsoft Office. – Enter 25-Digits Office Product Key – office 365/2020

The introduction of the Microsoft Office has been a spearheading leap forward. All through the recent decades, Office saw some generous updates with the increase of new highlights without fail, and the most recent Office Setup accessible today is the Office 2019, which can be downloaded from and furthermore the most recent rendition has eight variations – Microsoft Office Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional, Professional Plus, Small Business, Office 365, Home and Student.

Microsoft Office Best Subscription for You?

Microsoft has presented the most recent version of its boundless application on At regular intervals, there’s another variation with an overhauled UI, several new abilities and capacities, and a noteworthy problem expecting to refresh numerous PCs. Be that as it may, Microsoft has made a generous move to their time tested equation. Microsoft gives its month to month supporters a heavenly arrangement to continue to their evaluating model, right? All things considered, how about we investigate the evaluating and see with our own eyes, which is the most ideal approach to buy Office. Office 365 Home is $99.99 yearly or $9.99 every month, Office Professional 2019 is $439.99, Office Home and Student 2019 is $149.99 every year or $14.99 every month and the Office 365 Personal is $69.99 yearly or $6.99 every month.

Latest Microsoft Office 2020 Software without a Subscription

Inside the Subscription time of Office at, you are going to end up paying over $50 more in the event that you go for the month to month membership. The main favorable position of moving with the membership-based model is that it grants you to introduce the Office Software application on more than one PC at the same time. In any case, to me by and by and I surmise this can’t the additional cost.

  • Go to and sign in for Office Setup.
  • Select Your Purchased office setup product.
  • Your Download will Start.
  • Run the Downloaded Setup File.

  1. Go to and sign in for Office Setup.

    If you do not have a Office account, click Create an Account and complete the signup process.

  2. Select Your Purchased office setup product.

    You will get a list of Products that you have purchased. You can Select download.

  3. Your Download will Start.

    Once you have clicked on the download button the setup will start to download the file.

  4. Run the Downloaded Setup File.

    Once you have completed this, you will get have to run the file that you have downloaded and the setup will start to run. Follow the on screen instructions and you are ready to go.

How to,

  1. Go to for Office Setup.
  2. Sign In or Create a new Microsoft Account.
  3. Find your Office Product Key.
  4. Enter your Microsoft Office Product key.
  5. Select your Country and Language.
  6. Download Office Setup and follow On-Screen instructions.
  7. Finish the Installation Process and Run the Applications.

Here, How to Install Office Software on Windows/Mac Step by Step Guide Free:

Go to for Office Setup. Open your browser and go to or and select the Office product you want to install. Sign In to your Microsoft Office Account. Sign In to your account at to complete the purchase and Setup office. If you, however, do not have a Microsoft Office Account, you’ll have to create one. Find your Office Product Key. Find the key of your Microsoft Office in your email associated with your office or find it on the box if bought from a retail store. Enter your Microsoft Office Product Key. Once you have logged in to your account or created a new one, you have to enter the key in the orange area. Select your country and the language you want. Click Download and Install Office. Once you have entered the correct information, you can begin downloading the software. Follow the on-screen directions and start downloading your registered copy of Microsoft Office. Run the Activation wizard. Once you run the office installer you need to follow on-screen instructions that appear on the screen. Now, We just need to wait for the Office Setup to go through the installation process. Open and Run Office Apps. As soon as the installation is complete open any office app and you will get a welcome screen with a message “You’re All Set” and that office is activated.

Install Office on Windows:

  1. Go to your Office Account Page. Go to This will open a page with your Office Purchase.
  2. Click . it’s an Orange button below your subscription’s name.
  3. Click again. Your Office setup file will begin downloading.
  4. Double-click the Office setup file. You’ll find it in your computer’s default download location.
  5. Click when Prompted. Doing so will run the setup file and begin installing Office on your computer.
  6. Wait for Microsoft Office to finish installing. This process may take several minutes.
  7. Click when Prompted. Your Microsoft Office programs have now been installed on your computer. You’re free to begin using these programs right away.

Install Office on Mac:

  1. Go to your Office Account Page. Go to This will open a page with your Office Purchase.
  2. Click . it’s an Orange button below your subscription’s name.
  3. Click again. Your Office setup file will begin downloading.
  4. Open Finder. It’s a blue, face-shaped app in your Mac’s Dock.
  5. Click . This folder is on the left side of the Finder window.
  6. Double-click the Office setup file. Doing so will prompt it to begin running.
  7. Click twice. It’s in the bottom-right corner of the page. You’ll do this once on the first page of the setup, and then again on the second page.
  8. Click . This will indicate that you agree to Microsoft’s terms of use.
  9. Click . It’s in the bottom-right corner of the page.
  10. Click . This blue button is in the bottom-right corner of the page.
  11. Enter your Mac’s password. Type in the password you use to log into your Mac.
  12. Click . It’s in the bottom-right corner of the password entry window. Doing so will begin installing Microsoft Office on your computer.
  13. Click when Prompted. Your Microsoft Office programs have now been installed on your computer. You’re free to begin using these programs right away.

FAQs Page

Can i download Microsoft Office 2013?

Yes, it is possible to download Microsoft Office 2013; the Microsoft website explains what to do for downloading the program. See How to Install Office 2013 for installation instructions.

How can i Install Micorsoft Office 2007?

For detailed instructions with images to assist you in installing Microsoft Office 2007, see the article How to Install Microsoft Office 2007.

How do you Install MS Office 2010?

You will need to either download the MS Office 2010 software (and run the installer) or obtain it via a CD disk (place in the disk drive). You will need to Enter Office Product Key, email and account security details before you can proceed (the product key is on the packaging or should have been provided with your download). The software will then provide prompts for full installation, or follow the installation instructions outlined above in this article.

Can i download Microsoft Word for Free?

There are various ways to get Microsoft Word for free. As a student at a school, college or university, you are often able to download Microsoft Word for free as part of your schooling package. You can also use Word Mobile for Windows devices (it has read-only limitations on anything other than a phone) and Microsoft Word for Android on a Chromebook or Android device can be downloaded for free. Or try Office Online as another option for various platforms and operating systems, and if you’re a non-profit, there is a non-profit version of Microsoft Word available for free. For more help, see How to Get Microsoft Office for Free.

How do i Install Microsoft Office 2007?

To install, run the disk in your DVD drive, or if you downloaded straight from the internet, run the installer and enter your office product key. The product key can be on the case or on the seller’s website. After that, enter your Microsoft account security details and email address to install. Finally, click install and begin the installation.

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